Saturday, March 26, 2011

MLS Birthplace Map

The MLS By Birthplace

Major League Soccer (MLS) has released its annual survey of its players' birthplaces.

As of March 23, 57% of the 487 players on MLS rosters were born in the United States. A breakdown by continent can be found below:

North America
71% (348)

South America
11% (52)

9% (46)

7% (34)

0.8% (4)

0.6% (3)

- John C.L. Morgan

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soccer and Mud Season

Sun Journal:
While many local gyms are dark and most recreational sports programs are in a holding pattern, youth from the communities of RSU 58 and a few from Farmington are celebrating soccer. Indoor soccer, to be precise, played on a high school basketball court temporarily infused with the personality of a hockey or roller rink. "It’s dead time in the gym," association registrar Darren Allen said. "Mud season's here. What can you do outside, sink?"
- John C.L. Morgan